This is the most popular EzyFoam system. The inbuilt by-pass function allows it to be used both for foaming and high pressure work.  After Foaming is completed, simply switch it into to by-pass mode to allow full pressure to pass through the system to complete the cleaning job.


It comes complete with quick attach couplings to suit most industrial guns to allow for fast switching between the EzyFoam nozzle and cleaning attachments. It also comes with a convenient lance rack that allows for tidy storage of the lances that are not in use.


This EzyFoam system is used in applications where only one chemical is required and it is desirable to only have one working hose. It is ideal when the foaming function is used for longer periods of time such as truck washing, poultry & piggery sheds or in food processing.

Interchangeable Foam/ Pressure Lances

Pressure Cleaner


High Pressure


(optional stainless foam lance)

from pressure cleaner

to spray gun

from chemical container

Standard lance rack included with all

By-Pass systems

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